GUM CARDS: The Dark Knight

Here is a special GUM CARD that I designed specifically for today. I’m pretty excited to head out to the midnight screening of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES tonight and I thought it would be fun to launch a GUM CARD featuring the Caped Crusader.

As I said before, I have lots of ideas on how I want to expand the GUM CARDS universe over the next while and this card is an example of that. When events happen that mean a lot to me, whether that’s music, movies, television or whatever, I’d like to have that play into the GUM CARDS continuity. This is an expansive idea, but instead of explaining it through boring text I thought showing an example is my best bet. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES opens tonight, so what better time to launch a Batman card? See where I’m going with this?

So the GUM CARDS Indiegogo is still going strong. If you’re digging the GUM CARDS project so far, swing on over to see how you can help out. Every bit counts in trying to make this project a reality. Here are a bunch of links relevant to GUM CARDS:

GUM CARDS on Indiegogo
• GUM CARDS Official
• GUM CARDS on Twitter
• GUM CARDS on Facebook
• Signalnoise Studio (Twitter)

Thanks so much everyone, and if you’re heading out to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES tonight, enjoy the show! I know I will be.






3 responses to “GUM CARDS: The Dark Knight”

  1. Barely Original Avatar
    Barely Original

    Dude, that’s awesome!! Bruce Wayne varient edition?

  2. Leukocyt Avatar

    As a Batman fan I approve :)

  3. Kayla Avatar

    how can we get these cards? Like where is an order form?

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