GUM CARDS: Supplies arriving

Since the GUM CARDS fundraising effort came to a (successful) close, I’ve been hard at work gathering all the little bits and pieces necessary to ship out the GUM CARDS once I receive them. The Signalnoise HQ has been filling up with boxes full of mailers, zip-locks, top-loader card cases, buttons and stickers. Can’t wait to get all this gear into action.

On the printing front, all the files have been prepped and shuffled off to Mama’s Sauce down in Orlando so they can begin their print wizardry.

Just a small update to keep everyone up to date. Everything is moving forward and in the coming weeks the HQ will be ablaze with the shipping process. Big days ahead. Remember to follow the Gum Cards Twitter and check out the official site for all the latest news.






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  1. christophe Avatar

    Great project… hope you will add designer all around the world !

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