GUM CARDS: Production superpost

• Laying down the first colour on the Aaron Draplin card.
• The colour variant Draplin card. Gold ink!
• The Draplin regular edition card all printed up.
• The Johnny Cupcakes card with all colours down.
• The special Mama’s Sauce freebie card with metallic ink!
• The GUM CARDS buttons and stickers.
• GUM CARDS Collector embroidered patches.

The wait is almost over. Since running the successful GUM CARDS Indiegogo campaign I’ve been hard at work moving all the pieces of the project into production. Over the last few weeks everything has been coming together from the packaging, goodies, printing, and of course the cards themselves. Getting real close now.

The print production shots above were snapped by the crack team down at Mama’s Sauce who have been hard at work screen-printing all the cards. Just look at those colours. Amazing. Not only have they been printing stuff up but they suggested including a special Mama’s Sauce GUM CARD with all orders (while supplies last). So everyone who pledged during the campaign will be getting this fancy freebie, and it’s printed with metallic inks. So class.

Also landing at the HQ have been the extra goodies. Shown above are the GUM CARDS stickers as well as the special GUM CARDS Collector patches. These goodies will be included with the pledge packages as well as all orders once the store goes live. Speaking of the store, there will be a brand new GUM CARDS website launching once the cards are prepped to order.

Big days ahead. Thanks so much for the continued enthusiasm toward the project everyone. It truly means a lot. Remember to follow GUM CARDS on Twitter to keep up to date on all the action.






5 responses to “GUM CARDS: Production superpost”

  1. Stefan H. Avatar

    Great work, happy to see everything has come along with a great idea! Looking forward to getting my hands on em!

  2. Patrick Avatar

    Yesss! Loving the progress on all of this. I’m also pretty excited to start trading cards with people.

  3. Andy Fox Avatar

    Excellent work James, I really like the Mama’s Sauce card too, looks ace.

  4. Bryan Giaquinta Avatar
    Bryan Giaquinta

    You are an inspiration James. Since I first stumbled upon the Gum Cards Indiegogo campaign, I have been a fan.

  5. Supercolor Avatar

    Thanks for the process shots, been following this project since the indiegogo campaign, its great to see those cards come to life.

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