GUM CARDS: Mobilization

As I announced on the blog and on Twitter last Friday, we have surpassed our funding goal of $4,000. Since that happened I’ve been lining up everything involved to get the GUM CARDS project mobilized which has effectively taken over my entire schedule. And that is by now means a complaint, I’m having a ball over here.

I’ve been busy ordering shipping supplies, buttons, stickers and of course prepping card files. As of 1pm today the vector files for the Aaron Draplin and Johnny Cupcakes cards have been sent down to the crack team at Mama’s Sauce so they can start working their screen-printing magic. Screens will be made, stock will be set and inks will be flung. Watch this space as we bring the GUM CARDS from the computer to reality in quality form.

As this is happening, that GUM CARDS Indiegogo fundraiser is still going strong. The more we manage the raise, the more cards will get printed. Every little bit counts! Thanks so much everyone.






3 responses to “GUM CARDS: Mobilization”

  1. Dave Hardy Avatar

    There’s no feeling quite like sending a design file on its maiden voyage to the printer.

  2. Jen K Avatar

    I don’t know why but I love the shocked look on Johnny’s face. And for that matter why does Aaron look so pissed off lol

  3. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Woohoo! So exciting, man! Fitting that Dave’s the first comment. Good on ya, Mr. Hardy!

    Looking forward to holding the cards, and to seeing how the fundraising continues…

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