GUM CARDS: Live Broadcast today

As i type this post we have 43 hours remaining on the GUM CARDS Indiegogo fundraising effort. We reached the goal a couple of weeks ago but I’m still running hard as I can toward the finishing line as the more we raise, the more cards I can move into production straight away. Down to the crunch!

So this afternoon, Tuesday the 7th at 2pm EST there will be a special GUM CARDS live broadcast. Since the project launched quite a lot has happened as I created more cards and materials to support the GUM CARDS experience, so the broadcast today will serve as a big summarization on the last month cover all the details. Along with the story, I’ll discuss the print process ramp-up and a few other fun ideas I want to incorporate into the project as it goes. After all the formalities, I’ll open the floor to a Q&A session with the audience. Possible laughs!

To re-iterate all the official GUM CARDS links, here we go:

• GUM CARDS on Indiegogo
• GUM CARDS Official
• GUM CARDS on Twitter
• GUM CARDS on Facebook

I’ll be sure to give everyone the heads up on Twitter when the broadcast today kicks off. See you in a few shorts hours!






2 responses to “GUM CARDS: Live Broadcast today”

  1. Dave Behm Avatar

    Love your live broadcasts James!
    Will have to catch the recorded version!
    Happy to help out and donate to this awesome project of yours!

  2. Kyle Ische Avatar

    awesome dude!! will be in the live show for sure!! nothing will stand in my way!! even if I have to fight ninja’s, jump cars, and crawl through a sewer I WILL be there… and be square!!

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