GUM CARDS: Funding successful!

I can’t even believe it. As of 2:15 pm Atlantic Time today the GUM CARDS project has surpassed it’s funding goal of $4000, and we still have 20 days of fundraising to go. Absolutely shaking with anticipation over here. This means we officially have the greenlight to move all the elements into production mode to get this thing moving. Amazing!

The sudden lurch forward in funding came from none other than Dave Hardy out in Portland, Oregon. Dave wrangled together the necessary resources to secure the whopping Diamond Pledge package, which means in November I’ll be flying out to Portland, partnering with Spaceman Design and AIGA Portland to do a DESIGN RENEGADE speaking event. Man oh man, you don’t even know how excited I am for this. Portland! You and me!

I want to thank each and every one of you who have helped move this little project forward over the last 10 days. Your support on every level means the absolute world to me. Can’t say that enough. Head is completely spinning.

So, beware next week as the GUM CARDS project takes on an entirely new life. Busy revving the engines over here!






9 responses to “GUM CARDS: Funding successful!”

  1. Kyle Ische Avatar

    I would be interested in how much gets raised in the next 20 days?? how much would get raised then!! I would love to see the pogs come out because of that.

  2. Daniel Christopher Avatar
    Daniel Christopher

    Oh man, I’m gonna be pissed if I don’t get a ticket to the design renegade event! We’ll be glad to have you in our green little city :) Congratulations James, that’s exciting stuff!

  3. Matthew Marshall Avatar

    Whoa, didn’t expect it to get funded so soon. Congrats!

  4. Dave Avatar

    It’s an honor to partner with you on this, James! I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Gum Cards, and for your Design Renegade presentation here in Portland. So stoked!!!

  5. Paul Pants Avatar

    Wow, blown away! Nice work Dave, and still 20 days to go. So pumped for you, James. Can’t wait to see these things!

  6. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Heck. Yes. Mr. Hardy is on hero status for quite a while.

  7. jeremy Avatar

    Congrats!! Cards look dope and I for one can’t wait to collect them..
    Cheers mate

  8. Steve Fraschini Avatar

    We made it ! Mommy can be proud now. Congrats James.

  9. Ryan Avatar

    Looking forward to meeting you man! I’m one of your biggest fans out here in the PNW.

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