GUM CARDS: $5,303 Raised

The final numbers are in. Through your generosity and support, the GUM CARDS fundraising effort has raised a whopping $5,303. Amazing. When I launched this project a month ago I really had no idea what would happen. It started as a fun, silly little idea. Something I’d collect if they existed. But here we are with a successful funding campaign facilitating everything and more to move forward.

This post is for everyone who helped me out this month. You know who you are. Your tweets, messages, posts, comments, pledges and encouragement kept this thing going and I’m hard at work over here getting all the little pieces together. The cards are in production and will be mailed out as soon as they are in my hands. Huge thank everyone.

The adventure starts now, gang.






2 responses to “GUM CARDS: $5,303 Raised”

  1. Kyle Ische Avatar

    Will see about an article today!!! Congrats!!

  2. DAN-O-SAUR Avatar


    Hope the whole Project works out like you want it to.
    This planet needs more cool shit like that.
    Keep it up! See you soon mate.


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