GUM CARD #5: Jessica Hische

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  1. Awesome pick and awesome work on the card! I was also noticing the alignment being different then the others, though it was probably just a quick mistake.

  2. Good eye guys. Before printing the first 2 cards I changed the backs to include a left-align. I was talking with Simon (commented above) on Twitter about the center-alignment and I started messing with my source files. Simon was right, the left-align works better in terms of readability. Cleans it up a bit.

  3. Pardon my French, but the last thing this field needs is more rockstar designer bullshit. Spend your time doing pro bono work for a local nonprofit if you feel that you have a surplus of free time.

  4. Oh calm down, Evan. If you don’t like the idea, move along. The last thing this field actually needs is more anonymous trolling.

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