GUM CARD #4: Olly Moss

I’m super excited to unveil the 4th card in the GUM CARDS series, one of my favorite designers out there these days, none other than UK-based poster wizard Olly Moss. I’ve been a fan of that guy for a couple of years now, ever since seeing his wonderful illustrations pop up on Flickr, prior to his killer collaborations with the mighty Mondo.

So, with Olly onboard this brings the GUM CARDS series to 4 cards in size which I will be printing sequentially. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve already started the process of getting the first 2 cards printed down at Mama’s Sauce so watch this space for details on when the cards will be made available. Only 250 of each with 50 variants. Slim numbers.

If you want to cut in line and reserve your cards before they sell out, the GUM CARDS Indiegogo is a great way to do just that. Check out the rewards that correspond with your pledge. Only 14 days left to get onboard.

And of course, a big thanks to Olly for being a part of this. Means a lot, thanks buddy.






12 responses to “GUM CARD #4: Olly Moss”

  1. Jorden Tually Avatar

    I knew he had to be there somewhere. And in orange for sure ahaha! perfection!

  2. Matthew Marshall Avatar

    Aw, what a cute little ewok.

  3. Leukocyt Avatar

    Ha, good choice :)
    Love the background ;)

  4. Kyle Ische Avatar

    dude that’s awesome, only trouble though is this weird ring that I can see around his head?? not sure what that is and if we will end up getting that in our final products?? it starts from his chin and wraps up above his head….

  5. james Avatar

    Hey Kyle! If you were talking about a mismatched black stroke then you have a damn good eye. That didn’t even show up on my screen, had to look at the CMYK values in Illustrator to see what was going on.

    My monitor is either way low, or yours is way high. Either way, thanks for the heads up man! Fixed now.

  6. Solo71 Avatar

    So that’s what he looks like! Great lineup James!

  7. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Ooooh, great choice. I love waiting to see who’ll be the next Gum Cards designer!

  8. Kyle Ische Avatar

    No Problem bud!! always there to make sure everything works!!

  9. Dave Hardy Avatar

    If nothing else, Gum Cards are educational! I have to admit, a couple of these guys I had never heard of (Sagmeister and Johnny), and (like Solo71) I only know Olly by his name and work.

    I guess that leaves Draplin and Batman as the two I know something about… which makes me a Portland designer and a geek.

  10. Paul Pants Avatar

    So pumped for these, James! And that Ewok is a nice touch haha…

  11. ron Avatar

    Isn’t it kinda strange to have the johnny cupcakes guy in there?
    No offense to him, he does great work but I would have chosen someone like peter saville, michael place, etc.

    Other than that, they look great!

  12. james Avatar

    Ron, I chose Johnny because (like you) I enjoy his work but more so his work ethic and philosophy. He and Aaron were my lead-off cards because of advice I received from both of them which ultimately led to conceiving the GUM CARDS project. Aaron’s advice was simply “invent something” and Johnny’s was always “do more of what you love”. I’ve never done a project where those bits of advice were put into as much action as this one. Bit of backstory for ya.

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