GUM CARD #3: Stefan Sagmeister

The line-up of GUM CARDS now has a third addition. I’m proud to announce that world-renowned designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister landed card #3 in the series. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am about this news. When I was putting together the roster I thought “What superstar designer should I ask? Who would seem impossible? Who’s talked at TED?”. Stefan was that guy, and here he is.

But that Indiegogo page is going strong and I still need your help to make this project a reality. If pledging isn’t your thing, I truly appreciate any tweets or blog posts that help spread the word on GUM CARDS. The response has been absolutely amazing so far with over half of the funds raised to get this thing going. Another HUGE thank-you to those who have taken the time to tell their friends about this. Trusted sources, you know who you are.

And finally a big thanks to Stefan Sagmeister for agreeing to be a part of this. So excited, man. I’ve been having a blast designing these cards and we are far from done. Follow GUM CARDS on Twitter for more news, and swing over to that Indiegogo page to check out the pledging awards and additional info. Another card will be unveiled next week, so stay tuned.

Big names. Little cards.






4 responses to “GUM CARD #3: Stefan Sagmeister”

  1. Matthew Marshall Avatar

    Jaw, meet floor.

    Seriously, that’s incredible! Totally did not expect that.

  2. LucasG_Once Avatar

    Awesome stuff James.

  3. PJ Avatar

    Holy crap that was unexpected, congrats.

    (half expected it to be without a suit though ;))

  4. Dave Behm Avatar

    HEAVY hitters! You are definitely building an all-star team!

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