Greetings from Montreal

I landed in beautiful Montreal this morning, the first day of the much anticipated Montreal Meets trip. I’m excited to be visiting a city where I haven’t been in a number of years and am hoping to visit a few landmarks during my stay. I’m happy to say that I’ve already hung out with Montreal Meets founder Francois Hoang and my (frozen) pal Fabio Sasso of the mighty Abduzeedo.

More to come as the days progress, but tonight we are having a little meet-up at Hurley’s Irish Pub, 1225 Cresent at 8:30pm. Come on down and say hello. Then on Tuesday evening is the big Montreal Meets event starting at 6pm which will see art and design presentations from Fabio and myself. Be sure to come 30 minutes early, and check out this post for the full details.

Great to be back, Montreal.






7 responses to “Greetings from Montreal”

  1. Luke Desroches Avatar

    Sounds like a wicked time! I’d love to visit Montreal for the first time sometime soon.

  2. DAN O SAUR Avatar

    Hey Buddy,

    i love the colors!!!!! Have fun in Montreal!


  3. Christopher Olimpo Avatar

    Looking forward to meeting you guys at Hurleys tonight ! So I understand Fabio is Frozen lol, but how’s the weather here compared to Halifax ?

  4. Shelby White Avatar

    You’re toying with my brain by using that image—Expo67 superfan over here.

  5. paul_pants Avatar

    Ohhh great use of that Expo67 photo…it was meant to have your logo on it ;)

  6. james Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

    Christopher, it is far colder here then Halifax. I never realized how much difference being on the coast actually makes. :)

    Shelby, I’m right there with you. Expo67 was the time to shine, really wish all of the structures were still intact.

  7. Paweł Durczok Avatar

    I would like to become a famous designer only to get invited to events like that ;)

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