Greetings from Florida

Greetings from Florida

The postcard says it all. I’m currently on vacation in sunny Orlando enjoying some sunshine and theme parks I’ve only seen on television. Visited Universal Studios and Disneyworld thus far, both of hich were awesome, too many great rides and attractions to mention at this point (although the Hulk coaster at Universal rocks it). Might post some photos upon my return, I sure have some funny ones.

Things will be back in full swing on next week. Hope everyone is well.

PS. Holy smoke, us Canadians sure aren’t used to this crazy hot weather :)






4 responses to “Greetings from Florida”

  1. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Haha! Welcome to southern US summertime weather! Enjoy your stay in the USA, James!

  2. Doug Avatar

    How hot is it? I’d like to compare your idea of hot to my idea of hot.

    You first.

  3. james Avatar

    Doug, I’m too lazy to do the conversion, but my idea of hot this time of year is +35 celsius. It’s just getting to be around +20 in Halifax, so I almost burst into a cloud of steam when I got off the plane :)

  4. Chris Avatar

    The Spider-Man 3D ride is pretty awesome too, if it is still there.

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