Green composite

Samantha in greenHere is another second-run composite, using an image by Flickr user Samantha who kindly allowed me to use her silhouette. Up until now I have been using typically Caucasian individuals as outlines so it was nice to have someone of another nationality to see how it might influence the flow. It might be subtle, but the lines landed slightly different in this piece which I enjoy. Be sure to check out her Flickr stream to see her wonderful portraits and floral work.

I would also like say thanks to Anton Peck who commented on my last post dealing with my creative process. Using the linear dodge/burn layer settings definitely made for a more malleable work flow without wrecking any of my layers with shading. The dodge and burn tools sometimes mud things up but his recommendation solved that. Thanks Anton!

I have had a few people inquire as to how I do certain things in my artwork, mostly to do with layering texture and effects. If you have any questions that I might not have outlined in my previous posts, please post it here in a comment and I will do my best to make further tutorial posts. Thanks!






2 responses to “Green composite”

  1. Anton Avatar

    Oh hell no, thank you! Your work is beyond inspiring and has me wanting to try a few of these myself in the hopes that I can improve my own techniques.

    Keep ’em coming dude!

  2. Stuart Avatar

    Great piece! My favorite of the composites recently. Great colors, love those little squares, and the angle of the face are wicked. Bravo!

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