Gizmodo + Signalnoise: Tron poster giveaway

Signalnoise and the mighty Gizmodo have teamed up to bring you the Tron Poster Giveaway. Five lucky winners will receive a full set of my 3 Tron fan posters created over the past year. If this is your first time seeing the designs, check out this post for the full story on the Tron trilogy I created. These posters are not official, simply put I designed them because I love the style of the past Tron film as well as the upcoming Tron Legacy.

So, swing over to the post on Gizmodo for your chance to win a full set of the Signalnoise Tron poster trilogy. A big thanks to the kind folks at Gizmodo for generously hosting this contest. Best of luck, everyone!






5 responses to “Gizmodo + Signalnoise: Tron poster giveaway”

  1. Chetan Avatar

    How to enter???!!

  2. Jess Avatar

    Entered! They’re lovely!

  3. Fulton Hawk Avatar

    Don’t bother entering. Pretty sure I’m going to win:)

  4. Mike Avatar

    James, congrats on getting the giveaway on Gizmodo, that should bring you some great exposure! Posters look amazing.

  5. Yevgeny (Red.J) Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the movie!!

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