Gig posters by Methane Studios

Due to the vastness of their portfolio, it was very difficult to choose a few choice posters from the shelves of Methane Studios. If you’re into looking at gig posters online, you’ve probably come across their work once or twice. Beautifully executed silk screened posters full of color, style, ideas and mediums. And if you can believe it, Methane is a 2-man operation consisting of Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee which started in 1998 making gig posters for local bands in Ohio. Since then, they’ve worked with all kinds of stars and clients including Turner Broadcasting, Honda, Liberty Mutual and more.

These guys are a testament that great things will happen if you work hard and do what you love.

It’s impossible to get a good grasp of their portfolio here, so I urge you to check out their account on Gig Posters as well as their official site for more of their work. If you are an illustrator, photo manipulator or designer you will certainly be blown away by their versatility. I’m off to make a band so I can hire these guys. :)






3 responses to “Gig posters by Methane Studios”

  1. Mike Avatar

    I love a good gig poster! Really great stuff, I think gig poster designers are a lot like logo designers, a select few a great, and the rest pale in comparison. These guys definitely have talent.

  2. Brian Nelson Avatar

    Great stuff. Love the Andrew Bird poster. They remind me of Delicious Design League – You can purchase any one of their gig posters or art prints as well.

  3. Nick Avatar

    Posters of these guys just great. Hand masters of their craft visible at once.

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