Gasoline Morning for Sweet Content ’09

Gasoline Morning by James White

I was asked by Evgeny Kiselev to contribute to the 2009 designer calendar entitled Sweet Content, so I finished off this piece I call Gasoline Morning. I’ve been working on the crystalline facets of this piece for a little while now, experimenting with some geometric shapes taking aim at mimicing a diamond cut.

The calendar will feature some amazing talent such as Peter Jaworoski (The Hejz), Malota, Merdanchik, and many more, showcasing six russian artists and six international artists. I can’t wait to have this hanging on my wall.

Check out the promo page for Sweet Content right here.






8 responses to “Gasoline Morning for Sweet Content ’09”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Wow, Great!

  2. Thomas Avatar

    I see that chuck anderson is a bif influence for you……maybe you should try something more original..

  3. starlight86 Avatar

    the gasoline morning look sweet to me..nice job there!

  4. imhirion! Avatar

    I love the typo!

  5. Daniel Avatar

    Nice work. I don’t see any influence of Mr nopattern here. (re: Thomas)

    Keep it up, James. It’s excellent.

  6. Nord Avatar

    amazing think))

  7. Mufia Avatar

    Good nighf, bloggers =)

  8. Nice Avatar

    such a true stroy..

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