Galilean Nights poster for IYA2009

Galilean Night poster by James White

Here is my newest poster design for the kind folks over at the International Year of Astronomy camp. This time in promotion of their upcoming event entitled Galilean Nights, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei looking to the cosmos through his telescope. Here is a quick synopsis of the event, happening October 22 – 24:

“This new IYA2009 Cornerstone Project is called Galilean Nights and will see amateur and professional astronomers around the globe taking to the streets, pointing their telescopes to the wonders that Galileo observed 400 years ago. The project’s focus is sidewalk observations of gas giant Jupiter and its moons and members of the public will as also be able to observe the Sun, our own Moon and many more celestial marvels with the own eyes, much like Galileo did 400 years ago.”

This is the second poster I have designed for the IYA2009, the first of which being for the 100 Hours of Astronomy event that happened this past April. I wanted the new poster to stand along, yet have elements relating back to the first.

100 Hours of Astronomy by James White

So, be sure to aim those telescopes skyward in October to observe the tiny ink drop our planet resides in. Space is the place.






6 responses to “Galilean Nights poster for IYA2009”

  1. Alexander Nedelev Avatar

    the second one is lovely

  2. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    These are excellent designs. The Galileo poster first reminded me of the intro credits for Star Trek: The Next Generation, where the cast’s faces are composited onto footage of planets. Very cool reference (if it was intentional). I also appreciate how the same poster gives you the sense of the planets being brought close with the juxtaposition of an earth-bound object (tree) and the planet. It’s kind of a foretaste of what happens when you look through a telescope.

    The second poster is just perfect for the subject matter. It’s got this sort of Alice in Wonderland-Harry Potter vibe going on that’s kinda trippy! It imparts a sense of childlike wonder and a desire to explore. I’m sure the clients were thrilled!

  3. Melkoret Avatar

    Something feels wrong about the face in that first poster, but it still works pretty well, and the rest of it is phenominal.

    I think its just the placement/inclusion of thee face. Personal choice im sure

  4. Bullardino Avatar

    Both are really nice. I love them.

  5. Triscale Avatar

    These are wonderful. I work at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, the fountainhead of the Hubble Space Telescope, and it is great to see such great work in the astronomy community. These designs maintain a sort of “down to earth” feel without being cliche, which can happen a lot with astronomical designs. Great work! How can we go about getting one of these for the office?!

  6. Catherine Holloway Avatar
    Catherine Holloway

    So I was sitting in the physics student lounge today when I noticed the pile of these posters on the table, and thought wow, for once the physics department is involved in something that has good taste in design… and then I saw the SignalNoise logo in the corner and it all made sense.

    Good job, but there’s something wrong in the face. I feel like it should be curved on the sphere.

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