From the road: FITC Toronto 2012

Photo by Aaron James Draplin. That's right!

Updating from the road, holed up in my Hilton hotel room at the mighty FITC Toronto 2012. One more day to this beast of an event and already my head is swimming with thoughts of who I’ve met, hands shook, laughs had and fires ignited.

First off, a HUGE thank-you goes out to everyone who showed up to see my DESIGN RENEGADE talk. Man, you guys packed the room, front to back. Couldn’t even believe it. Standing room only. Being the guy onstage harping about Illustrator and fonts your enthusiasm really drove the show. And then you destroyed my merch table, grabbing pins and posters. Thank-you so, so much everyone. Humbled.

Too many tales to tell at this point, but I’m keeping notes. Before I go, check out that 8-bit slice of awesome up above. That was done by Mike Gaboury DURING my talk. That bugger was listening while rocking that killer pixellated graphic. Floored. You’re the man, Mike!

Today at 12:25 I’ll be destroying the Influxis Voodoo Lounge with a complete Signalnoise poster break-down. Several designs will be displayed and I’ll rip apart my entire process for the masses. Also, apparently free beer in that joint. Lets pack that room, I want to see the walls sweat. On stage right after me is that Aaron Draplin. Double threat. Be there.

I’ll update with a nice FITC Toronto 2012 wrap once I land back in the Signalnoise HQ.






3 responses to “From the road: FITC Toronto 2012”

  1. PJ Avatar

    Cool stuff as always!

    Will the Influxis talk be streamed or recorded? Always like to catch breakdowns.

  2. Dave (Spaceman Design) Avatar

    Nice work on the Voodoo presentation (thanks to Influxis for streaming it). I enjoyed seeing some new material and insight in there that we didn’t see at MMTWO, namely a more-detailed look into the collection of reference material and the digital sketch phase. Very helpful stuff, man!

  3. abitfrank Avatar

    Congratulations, and keep rockin’/inspiring the pixels!

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