Four new Signalnoise prints

Signalnoise James White

Four new Signalnoise prints.

I’m happy to announce 72 Eindelijk Dynamo, Legacy 2600, Robot Rock and Solid Gold Bomb have been added to the Signalnoise Store and are now available for purchase.

Legacy 2600 and Robot Rock have been slightly altered from my previous versions where I removed any logos that were not my own :) Robot Rock is inspired by the song by Daft Punk of the same name, and Legacy 2600 pays homage to the great Atari 2600 that was released in 1977.

You can check them all out at the Signalnoise Store.






2 responses to “Four new Signalnoise prints”

  1. Ben, from before Avatar

    72 Eindelijk reminds me of something similar that once happened to my own skull . . .

  2. szy Avatar

    Great to read you finally released the Daft Punk print. It’s awesome!

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