Signalnoise at FOTB 2011

The countdown is on. In a few short days I will be boarding a plane with a destination of Brighton, UK to speak at Flash on the Beach. This will be my first trip to England, a place I have wanted to visit for quite some time. A lot of nice events are lined up, lots of friends will be in attendance, and many laughs will be shared. Can’t wait.

For those who will be attending Flash on the Beach this year, I will be doing my Back to the Future presentation on Wednesday, September 14th at 3:15 pm (schedule). My talk tends to change every time I present it so be ready for some new art, new stories and new ideas. Getting onstage to talk about art and creativity is one of my favourite things to do in this industry so I’m really looking forward to this one. Bigger and better. I’ll also be armed with some new swag for the conference, just flag me down to grab some.

Here are a few presentations I’m excited to see:
• Jessica Hische: Lettering is not Fonts – website
• Jon Burgerman: Working and Not Working and How to Waste your Time Proficiently – website
• Hillman Curtis: Meta Process, Making it Up as I Go – website
• GMunk: Tron VFX – website
• Joshua Davis: The Unknown Voyage – website 

Following the big event I will be spending 2 days in London to visit some landmarks and hang out with some friends and colleagues. There is a Signalnoise Meet-up scheduled for the evening of the 15th and I will be posting the details as soon as they become available. In other words, as soon as I get my act together. More to come on that, so stay tuned if you want to come and hang out.

I look forward to meeting everyone there!






2 responses to “Signalnoise at FOTB 2011”

  1. PJ Avatar

    Scored a free ticket this week and am all booked to go!

    You’re bringing over some posters/shirts as well as the new stickers etc., yeah? Wouldn’t mind swapping a few prints and so-on. :)

  2. Ollie Judge Avatar

    The details for the London meetup are as follows:
    Time: 8PM Thursday 15th September
    Location: Pitcher and Piano (Holborn)
    Stations: Holborn, Chancery Lane or Covent Garden. Also you could probably walk from Charing Cross.
    Party name is under Ollie Judge / Signalnoise if you get there before us!
    See everyone there!

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