FITC Toronto wrap-up

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  1. Duuuuuuuude… it was great to finally meet you as well. I had to fly out the next morning… too much shit happening. Wish I has some more time to stick around and rap more.

    but I’m heading off to Lisbon and Spain… and I need to finish up my exhibitions for those shows.

    and as I said, you snagged # 1. if you want to boast on Flickr… hit it up. The nice thing about #1 is that it took the longest… it would set the tone, pace and mood that all remaining 44 would follow… so I’d say you snagged a good one.

    when you get it your pad… send me some shots.

    see you again soon,

    word. joshua

  2. How I wish I could have been there. Well one of these days I might get the chance to travel to the other side of the Planet. By the looks of it, I am pretty sure you had a really colorful time.

  3. Hehe.. not a big flash fan (if used wrongly), but it seemed fun :D
    Btw.. a milestone! 1000 posts :D

  4. that looked like so much fun.

    also I’m glad you posted that mk12 open I missed it in theaters and have been wanting to see it. Those guys are amazing!

  5. Loving that “Special” tshirt you are wearing in the first pic. Something you did? Where can I find this?



  6. Hey man, I’ve been a long time fan but never knew what you looked like in person. I was at FITC as well and I know for a fact I saw you many times haha! (I kept mistaking you for someone else – Simon Conlin – a friend of my profs and has visited my school in the past). I was like damn, that guy looks just like Simon. Haha.

    Anyways, thought I’d leave a comment for once. You and Scott Hansen keep me going. hehe.


  7. Morgan, thanks! It’s quickly become one of my favorite shirts as I’m all about that 70s stuff. I picked it up at Wire and Twine if you want to check it.

    Trevor, that’s hilarious. Be sure to give me a shout if the paths cross at another one of these events :)

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