FITC Toronto 2012: Ask Me Anything

After a long a perilous battle with exporting and uploading, here are my answers to the recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, but on my the kind folks behind FITC Toronto 2012. They opened the floodgates, people posted their questions and the top 10 were sent over to me to answer. It’s broken into 3 parts for your viewing pleasure.

A few difficult ones in there, a few funny ones and an all around good time. This was the first time I’ve answered pre-arranged questions on camera so expect some awkward laughter and awkward sweaters. Enjoy.






3 responses to “FITC Toronto 2012: Ask Me Anything”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Well done! I was expecting a “Oh, hello! I didn’t see you come in” at the start.

  2. Szabolcs Gergely (szabiakanich) Avatar

    I could listen to you speaking all day long :) Love the topics/questions covered. Love your casual style of talking. You seem like a genuinely cool guy. Too bad you live so far away. Haha. Would be awesome to meet up with you and just chat away on stuff.

    It’s also great, that you’re and advocate of personal work. You remind me of Chase Jarvis in this respect. He’s got this thing he’s doing called chase jarvis live. I think it’d be awesome if he’d get you on there and you guys would discuss stuff. :)

    Anyway. Enough of my rambling. Thanks for doing these videos and keep up the awesome work.


  3. Ter Avatar

    I bloody enjoyed these. And I have to say this…. ANYONE who creates ANYTHING has a right to put their name on it. Period. Just sayin….

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