FITC Toronto 2010 wrap-up

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  1. Sounds totally awesome, wish i was there!!

    Is there a video of your presentation available online anywhere at all? Would loved to have seen it!

  2. Agree with the wish after a video of your presentation. Would be awesome!

  3. Yes, the presentation was recorded and I’ll be posting the video as soon as the FITC crew upload it.

  4. Sweet, thanks James, can’t wait to see it!

    P.s Loving the goddess of abduction tee!!

  5. James! Where did you get that Awesome Crue shirt!? I have to pick that one up! Can’t wait to see the video of your presentation!

  6. You should make a poster that pokes fun at the fact that nobody wants to sit in the front row.

    It really is silly when you think about it.

  7. Awesome man, love that tshirt you are wearing in the photo with Chris Toms eheheh… looking forward to seeing your presentation.

    Keep rocking! \n/

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