FITC Awards Party poster

FITC Awards Party poster: James White

Here is the poster design for the upcoming FITC Awards Party taking place on Monday, April 26 during the conference. My good pal Chris Toms and programming ninja Steven Sacks will be doing a DJ stint at the party, and we thought it would be fun to create a Signalnoise poster as a bit of fun promotion. As it turns out, this design will be landing in the official FITC program as well, so if you’re heading to the conference keep an eye out.

Like some of my recent designs, the inspiration for this one was taken from 80s metal. I wanted to develop a poster that was simply over the top, beat-up, maybe a little sun-bleached, something that might reside on the wall of a rocker kid in 1985 or a tour poster for Judas Priest. If you grew up in that era, you know what I’m talking about. After doing some research, I decided the evil knight was the way to go which was pieced together using a number of armor shots.

I will be doing a small print run of this design to be available at the conference via myself, Chris and Steven. I’ll nail down the details soon to see how we can get these into peoples’ hands.






12 responses to “FITC Awards Party poster”

  1. Ramon Thompson Avatar

    This is an awesome poster! I’m really a big fan of the “aged” look it has. Everything comes together to create a really powerful image. Great work!

  2. David Behm Avatar

    Fantastic poster James!!! You are the man!! Great Job!
    You should do a tutorial on how you pieced together the knight with the armor shots! (you know, on your spare time) =)

  3. Brian Oz Avatar

    Wicked poster! James I’m wondering how you do the shadowing/highlights on the 3D extruded parts of your letters. I’m guessing the letters are custom vector, then extruded in illustrator, then you do the shadowing on each individual plane within photoshop? Or do you use a 3D rendering program? I’m dying to know, it looks great and realistic!

  4. Chris Toms Avatar

    Hey James, thanks very much for doing this for FITC, Steven and myself! Great job!

  5. gus Avatar

    Looks the same as all your 70s-rock stuff, and the red type is an eye soar. I know you can do better, cheers!

  6. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    This is so cool, man. It’s so “Metal” in so many ways! Ha! I love it. It’s like a visual pun. Made me chuckle AND say “Whoa, cool!”

  7. VS Avatar

    kinda reminds me of the cylons from battlestar galactica.

    theres stuff i like about it:
    –the knight is cool if you pieced it together
    –the aged texture
    –the simulated tape at the borders (at least thats how it looks to me).

    theres stuff i dont like about it:
    — the lightening: such a common effect used by many.
    –the text: also a commonly used effect. Even though the text may be custom made, its still the same font style used in your other works. On the plus side, your shadow/highlights on the text are original.
    –the flares: i could be wrong, but arent the flares the same flares youve been using since you did the Daft Punk piece?
    its like you recycled these elements instead of creating something fresh.

    I dont know, take it for what its worth…Ive been following your stuff for a little while now, maybe im just getting tired of seeing the same elements at play over and over in your work. Seems to be typical for alot of artists to constantly rehash the same themes (and sometimes the same materials) over and over.

    Youre a talented artist. You know what I think would really be interesting to see you do? An 80’s style digital matte painting. I dont think you’ve touched on the subject yet, though I could be wrong, but I dont recall seeing anything like a matte painting in your gallery. I bet you could come up with something really great, if you would ‘be open to that kind of thing’. Maybe a “Back to the Future” themed matte painting to hype your upcoming speech. Just an idea…

    so yeah….thats what I think. Comments section cant all be fluffy comments. Diversity of opinion is an important part too.

  8. phill Avatar

    all your stuff are the same thing! i seen the 3D-metal-retro-type-logo in all your works.

  9. Alex Avatar

    Whilst I can appreciate that people might have seen this stuff before, if someone has been asked or commissioned to do a poster then they will probably have chosen James for his style and probably will have asked for certain elements.

    As much as James is a ‘talented artist’ he’s also a graphic designer and graphic designers have to follow briefs.

  10. Alex Varanese Avatar

    It’s called a style, guys. Everyone’s got one. I’d rather watch an artist explore and expand an idea until it become “theirs” than watch them frantically try something new every time. Besides, take a look at James’ older work; he’s incorporated a million different vibes into his art over the years. This is just his current kick.

    The poster rocks, btw, and the little splashes of red look fantastic against the dark blues.

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