FITC Amsterdam wrap-up

James White onstage

James White and Joshua Smith
Me and that Hydro74 rascal in the streets of Amsterdam. Photo by Jennifer Cirpici.

Back home in Dartmouth after a long 2 weeks on the road. Manila, Toronto and Amsterdam all jammed up together. Man, what a ride. Met so many awesome people and had many great times. But nice to be home to relax and recharge. Can barely string these words together.

So, FITC Amsterdam! My first time in that great city and I sure didn’t want to leave. Without further babbling, here’s the machine-gun list of times in the ‘Dam.

  1. Amsterdam, your airport looks like a big shopping mall.
  2. First face I see when I get to the hotel, Joshua “Hydro74” Smith. Instant buds.
  3. Met up with friends and speakers to enjoy the FITC “sneak preview” night.
  4. Got made fun of for my love of Heineken. Apparently frowned upon?
  5. Walked through the Red Light district. Saw some scantily clad dames through windows.
  6. Opened up FITC with my stage show. Awesome audience, many laughs had.
  7. Saw Hydro74 drop some vector science and hilariously answer questions.
  8. Browsed through a bookstore with a MEGA design section. Heaven.
  9. Took the audience through my entire poster process for my second talk.
  10. Ate some steak at the speakers dinner. Talked all kinds of design.
  11. Hydro grabbed my rump. Possibly twice.
  12. Laughs shared with FITC’s Shawn and Lisa. Several laughs.
  13. Met so many great people at the final party. You all rock.
  14. Long flight home. Many screaming babies.

I’m missing all kinds of good stuff in between, but as you can see it was an amazing trip. Only the 3rd stop on the Signalnoise World Tour 2o13. A HUGE THANKS to Shawn and Lisa for rolling the dice on me and shipping me over to Europe to represent East Coast Canada.






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