Favorite horror movie posters

In light of today’s spooky date of October 31st, I wanted to put together a small list of my favorite horror movie posters. My friends and I would always talk about going to a convenience store when we were kids and looking at all the scary covers of movies our parents wouldn’t let us rent, and a few of these posters were the ones I remember seeing. That Evil Dead poster freaked me out pretty good back then.

Not only are all these posters great from a design standpoint, they are just great movies for a variety of different reasons. I probably watch all of these at least once a year, if not more. I know a couple of these don’t really hit the straight ahead horror genre, like Ghostbusters for example, but it has some nice scary bits mixed with the comedy and I couldn’t leave my beloved ‘Busters out of the mix. And its no secret how much I enjoy the poster for The Thing, still holds the title of “best movie poster ever” at the Signalnoise camp.

So, what are some of your favorite horror movies?






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  1. Seamz Avatar

    This is a great collection. And I definitely agree, The Thing is the best poster of the bunch shown here, although the Jaws cover is great as well.

  2. Watafak Avatar

    Rosemary´s is the best!

  3. MrCarl Avatar

    Personally my favourite is Poltergeist. So expressive and simple.

  4. Luke Desroches Avatar

    Love the poster for ‘The Evil Dead’. Also really like the poster for ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’.

  5. Fill Avatar

    My favorite horrors are Twisted Nerve, Last House On The Left, Suspiria, Psychic, Beyond, and they got a great posters too! And Psychic got that stunnig spooky melody that Tarantino used in his films, I got that melody as ringtone, its so cool

  6. Matthew Marshall Avatar
    Matthew Marshall

    I love the thing poster, and the story behind it just further blows my mind.

    Nice collection of posters all around.

  7. Jeff Finley Avatar

    We must be on the same wavelength James, because these are all favorites of mine! Except I haven’t seen the poster for The Thing before – great pick!

    My fav is Rosemary’s Baby but dang, Poltergeist is great too. It’s interesting to note that it’s the only poster that leaves out any sort of credits.

  8. CannedRocks Avatar

    Lovin’ me some Horror Movie Poster nostalgia. Well done thanks Dude.

  9. Márcio Avatar

    God, they´re so terrible!

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