Favorite horror movie posters

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  1. This is a great collection. And I definitely agree, The Thing is the best poster of the bunch shown here, although the Jaws cover is great as well.

  2. My favorite horrors are Twisted Nerve, Last House On The Left, Suspiria, Psychic, Beyond, and they got a great posters too! And Psychic got that stunnig spooky melody that Tarantino used in his films, I got that melody as ringtone, its so cool

  3. I love the thing poster, and the story behind it just further blows my mind.

    Nice collection of posters all around.

  4. We must be on the same wavelength James, because these are all favorites of mine! Except I haven’t seen the poster for The Thing before – great pick!

    My fav is Rosemary’s Baby but dang, Poltergeist is great too. It’s interesting to note that it’s the only poster that leaves out any sort of credits.

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