Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon art

• Full poster art.
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon poster
• Teaser poster art.
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon logos
• Logo design concepts.
Blood Dragon poster comps
• Early poster art concepts.
Blood Dragon poster
• Poster builds.
Blood Dragon sketches
• Quick character pose doodles for the UbiSoft team.

I’m extremely proud to show the work I’ve been doing for UbiSoft in support of their upcoming release, FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON. Me and the team at UbiSoft have been carving this stuff out for the past 8 months or so and having a great time the entire way. The game is super 80’s movie inspired, stealing cues from genre action films and VHS culture, so as you can imagine I was ALL OVER this thing. As the materials were linked online over the past month, a few keen-eyed nerds spotted a potential Signalnoise influence, well I can finally say that you were right.

We started off by designing the main logo for the game, seen above on the posters. Chrome letters and pink paint, we knew what we wanted right off the bat so I got to it. The posters were the biggest deal, and had me doing sketches and comps as we figured out where things would land to compliment the game aesthetic and all the awesome crap we loved as kids. When you have a client writing back saying stuff like “MORE FUCKING LIGHTNING!”, you know you fell in with a great crowd. I pulled out the Struzan-inspired techniques and got to it.

I should also point out, that’s one of my favorite action stars in there, Michael Biehn. You’ll remember him from TERMINATOR, ALIENS and THE ABYSS. He’s the star of the game and it was amazing to use his likeness in this piece. I was shaking as I built that poster.

That video was created by the team at UbiSoft and… wow, it just blew my face clean off. 80s animation, VCR tracking, so good. I didn’t have anything to with the trailer and I saw it for the first time when it was launched yesterday. I just needed to include it here out of pure love. The best game ad I’ve ever seen. So proud of my pals at UbiSoft.

There will be more to come as UbiSoft and I plot more goodies for FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON (which launches May 1, I believe). A giant shout-out to my pals Jason Eisener for linking me to this amazing project, and to my new partner in ’80s crime, Dean Evans for keeping me laughing and inspired the entire time.






14 responses to “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon art”

  1. Joey Bergeron Avatar
    Joey Bergeron

    Love this stuff! Great work James! They couldn’t have chosen a better guy for this project. Makes me want to play the BloodDragon version and thats big because I don’t want to play FarCry3.

  2. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    My face just melted. Thanks, James. Now my couch is stained.

  3. Rex Power Colt Avatar
    Rex Power Colt


  4. Matthew Marshall Avatar

    I’ll take this as an apology for ‘leaking’ a fake game on April Fool’s day.

  5. Tobias Avatar

    Thank you for this wonderful gift you have bestowed upon us mere mortals. I hope the game lives up to your art… if that makes any sense.

  6. Paweł Durczok Avatar

    Awesome work James. The artwork is excellent.
    Also, congrats on the feature on Kotaku.
    “More fucking lightning…” – that made my day :)

  7. Colin Avatar

    So… when and where can I buy a screen print?

  8. Rob Imbs Avatar

    Holy god that is phenomenal!

  9. Zer0w Avatar

    Outstanding work of art, what’s the font you used for the Blood Dragon part,

  10. Onepoc Avatar

    By the way, thanks for the “keen-eyed nerd” ;)

  11. Pifacesi Avatar

    Great work Mr White!!! Nice to see you doing more of this style of work again, thought you may have left it behind. Love it.

  12. Rosemary Nicholas Avatar

    I’ve always loved that neon retro-futuristic style that was about in the 80s, and because of that I absolutely love these Posters! Fantastic work! Love it!

  13. Ollie Avatar

    Is the blood dragon script a font, or did you draw it yourself?

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