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  1. “At what point does something transform from futuristic to retro?”
    James, that sure is philosophic question. Chances are we can never answer it accurately.
    Our visons of the futures seems already present, ’cause by the time we get into the future, it becomes past immediately.
    Maybe the future is only in our minds. Maybe the future is made of well-ordered periods of ‘present time’ and it never comes as we think it will.
    The 50′ interior design, as you’ve mentioned, was never the future per se. It was the ‘present times’ of those days; it was the future vision of somebody, but was made ‘present’.
    I don’t even know what i’m talking about…:^)


  2. You made some great points, Christian. Thanks for the comment. I’ve done a lot of thinking about this idea as I explore retro-futuristic styles and because future vision is basically an extension of whatever is modern at the time, it always falls as inaccurate. But at the same time, it forces the conception of the styles to be over the top and unique using the most modern technology available.

    You are right, it’s confusing :) But oh so fascinating.

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