Duosseudo: We Are One

Duosseudo: We Are One

I was approached by the Australian electro/house group Duosseudo to design the full CD packaging for their newest release entitled We Are One. It is always a challenge to create a piece of art that needs to stand alone, yet sync up properly with the group, their music and ultimately the album it represents. Marc and Luc were excellent to work with during the entire creative process.

I will post more on this project when I get some photos of the full CD design.

In the meantime, check out Duosseudo on Myspace for more on the group and their sound.







4 responses to “Duosseudo: We Are One”

  1. zacislost Avatar

    Check out the positive wrap you’ve been getting on the Aus MacTalk forum: http://forums.mactalk.com.au/24/59560-duosseudo-our-very-own-marc-album-itms.html

  2. james Avatar

    Cool, thanks for the link, Zac. Happy to see the guys getting such a good buzz on the new album.

  3. loukas Avatar

    oh hello bifurk, where have i seen you before…


  4. Doug Avatar

    very nice, perfect concept for the genre.

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