Duosseudo: CD design and process

Duosseudo CD

Duosseudo CD

This post is in addition to my previous entry about my work for the Australian electro outfit Duosseudo. The CDs arrived last week and the guys really did a bang-up job on quality and stock. I’ve never designed a digi-pack layout before, and the simplicity of it’s construction makes me want to more of the same.

It is always a fun process to create something visually that syncs up with a group’s sound. Not only must the design stand out on a rack, but it must fit into the idea behind the album as well as speak about the genre they fall into.

I had lots of fun exploring visuals for the guys in Duosseudo, so here are a few examples of art I generated along the way, beginning this past March.

Duosseudo artwork

Duosseudo artwork

Duosseudo artwork

Check out the final design, and more about Duosseudo.







4 responses to “Duosseudo: CD design and process”

  1. scott Avatar

    Nice Job!

  2. scott Avatar

    Will some of the other pieces be available as posters on their or you website?

  3. jessica Avatar

    I love this. Is there a tutorial on how to create the multi-colored lines look?

  4. buckman Avatar

    I would love to see the tutorial for this…

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