DT Magazine: Issue 2

DT Magazine

The online french publication DT Magazine has launched their second issue entitled By Night. It’s a heavy 246-page installment and is packed with a variety of art in many mediums. It also includes some of my art and a (translated) interview. Many thanks to the kind folks at DT, and you can check out the issue right here.

I was also given a shout-out by Kanye West on his official blog. You can check out the post on his website right here. Thanks Kanye!






4 responses to “DT Magazine: Issue 2”

  1. lau Avatar

    Bravo !

  2. Eugene Khan Avatar

    Congratulations! ;-)

  3. PKayne Avatar

    Hey James,
    Are you ever going to offer a print of the Dragon 6608 piece. Or was that a commercial project? I absolutely love it.

    And congrats on being published!

  4. james Avatar

    PKayne, Dragon 6608 was a low-res test image made just to explore that style and process. I normally run a few tests on new works so I don’t waste my time building a full-res version if it’s not going to work properly. However, in the future I do plan on making large version of something in that style, it was lots of fun to work on. Thanks for the interest!

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