DRIVE posters at the Signalnoise HQ

A small update out of sheer excitement. Not 30 minutes ago the delivery guy knocked at my door and dropped of the limited edition run of my DRIVE posters. Hands were shaking as I unwrapped these things and piled them on my drawing table to get them signed and snap a few shots. There’s #1 of 20 right there.

Like I said, this is an unofficial run which ends right here at these 20 sitting on my desk. A few VIPs are getting them, along with the 3 winners of the DRIVE Poster Giveaway over on Abduzeedo. If you haven’t entered, get over there and drop a comment.

And finally with a little luck, there might be some more interesting news to come. Stay tuned …






8 responses to “DRIVE posters at the Signalnoise HQ”

  1. Tom Miatke Avatar

    Things seem to be going really awesome at S HQ… Wish you all the luck man, with how much work you do, you deserve it :)

  2. Seb Mesnard Avatar

    Looks perfect! Congrats to the 3 lucky winners!!

  3. Seb Mesnard Avatar

    Looks perfect! Congrats to the 3 lucky winners!!

  4. Giancarlo Avatar

    Hey James, I just happened to see the poster and noticed the discussion box just closed like an hour ago. So for what its worth just wanted to say I dig the poster! Really like the retro look of the poster and the colours as well.. very vibrant very cool!

    Cheers, All the best


  5. james Avatar

    Thanks for the kind comments, guys. Really appreciate it. My office is really pink these days.

  6. Cece Avatar

    I absolutely LOVE this! I hope I can buy one in the future. This is a great representation of the movie.

  7. Framo Avatar

    I just wanted to let you know how much I dig this poster, it’s absolutely gorgeous and a great representation of the visual (and audio) aesthetics of the film. I hope to buy one in the future! Incredible work.

  8. Kasey Avatar

    Do you have a higher res image available of the art for the poster to make a t-shirt or something like that? This is awesome! Would look way cool on a gray t-shirt!

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