Downloadable DRIVE Blu-Ray cover

Today is the day DRIVE is released on Blu-Ray in North America, and to celebrate one of the most talked-about movies of 2011 Signalnoise and Mystery Box has put together a little package of goodies available to download.

Since a lot of people will be grabbing the Blu-Ray today, included in the download you will get a PDF version of my own DRIVE Blu-Ray sleeve design all ready for print. I designed everything up proper and cut out all the marketing boloney. For the fans. Here’s what you do:

1. Download the ZIP file here: Signalnoise DRIVE Blu-ray cover.
2. Unzip that sucker and open signalnoise_drivebluray.pdf.
3. Print that thing, preferably on an 8.5″ x 14″ paper at 100%.
4. Cut along the crop marks, use a knife and ruler for maximum results.
5. Slip it into your DRIVE Blu-Ray case. Done.

Along with the Blu-Ray cover we have included a couple of iPhone and iPad wallpapers to sweeten the deal. Add some hot pink to your favorite mobile device. Enjoy!






22 responses to “Downloadable DRIVE Blu-Ray cover”

  1. Jen K Avatar

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see this sitting on my shelf :)

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ray Avatar

    Very cool! Downloaded!

  3. Jason Avatar

    Nice! The full Signalnoise Drive Experience has now arrived! I just watched “The Driver” from 1978 a few weeks ago…can’t wait to watch “Drive” for the first time and savor the awesome 70s and pseudo-70s moments.

  4. Jake Avatar

    Someone linked to your site from reddit., just FYI they are stealing your content and selling it online, they are atheists so they have no morals and they don’t care who they steal from.

  5. Dave Avatar

    I’m gonna go ahead and suggest you ignore Jake, if you are somehow unaware with Reddit (reddit will not sell your stuff.)

  6. Brad Avatar

    They are NOT selling it, though they’ve uploaded it to Mediafire to get around the site registration:

  7. Rudolph Avatar

    I love you.

  8. Levan Avatar

    Awesome, but no DVD version?

  9. nathan Avatar

    Not a fan of the font, why not just use the one used in the movie?

  10. Josh Avatar

    How do you download on a Mac????

  11. Simon Avatar

    How much for a print of this?

  12. Blud Avatar

    Sucked! Could not print larger. It defaults at 100% and it was not the right size. Cry’s =(

  13. chris Avatar

    Went through checkout on Mystery Box but no download link provided. No download link in email confirmation either. Please make this suck less.

  14. shawn Avatar

    i filled everything out but didn’t get the link to download it in my email confirmation or anything. how does this work?

  15. james Avatar

    Chris and Shawn, you will receive a conformation email first followed by a download email a few minutes later. Click the link to get the Blu-Ray cover.

  16. drivefan Avatar

    so…where is the link exactly? All I see are t-shirts and sold out movie posters.

  17. james Avatar

    Drivefan, sorry about that. I’ve updated the post with the proper link. See above.

  18. Elliot Avatar

    Is a second run of the poster still on the table? Will they be the same size if so? Thanks love your work!

  19. Alan Avatar

    Might I ask if the logo’s hand-lettered? If it’s a commercial font, I’d be interested in buying it – I can never find a good brush font…

  20. Josh Avatar

    Very Cool! Thank you

  21. Marsz Avatar

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. Cheers.

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