Don’t Believe the Type

Here are some really nice examples of glossy retro type designs coming from Spanish artist Marta Cerdà Alimbau in a project called Don’t Believe the Type. I came across these a few days ago and was instantly grabbed by how closely these resemble old sticker designs that were prevalent when I was a kid. Kinda ugly and hilarious yet awesome at the same time. However, designs aside, there is a very appropriate message happening with this project that can only be described by the artist herself:

“I tried to make a tacky, kitsch, vulgar and acid piece, where we can read some lines of the world we are living in. Very aged and retro, as if it was part of an old ridiculous civilization, already dead. We try to make letters beautiful, more attractive, more visible, when many times conscious or not, the content of the message we’re working on is totally wrong. This is an exaggeration, it’s not meant to be a beautiful typographical piece, it’s more a personal reflection.”

Well done. You can see more of Marta’s work on her Behance and her official site.






7 responses to “Don’t Believe the Type”

  1. digispa Avatar

    WOW, these are really nice! These make me want to work on my typography skills. I also love her statement because its so true. We spend so much time and effort making things look pretty, that we forget what those are supposed to be and what they mean.

    On a side note, I totally thought these were your new sticker designs, James, before I got to the bottom and actually read the post.

  2. Dodge Avatar

    Awesome. I saw her work posted on behance a while back and have been referring back to it on a regular basis. The consistency with the lighting is so good.

    I absolutely love the work and the message.

  3. Henrique Abreu Avatar

    coisas geniais!


  4. kongo Avatar

    Love Buy a gun. Great job.

  5. Eric Vasquez Avatar

    I came across one of these on Abduzeedo and followed the link, but I have seen your work before and am a big fan. Great stuff – and powerful messaging as well.

  6. wien Avatar

    great pics
    i like the buy oil

  7. Ahatsi Horla Avatar
    Ahatsi Horla

    Awesome could such a creative art be wonderfully packed
    they are all very creative

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