Donated to Haiti relief

Signalnoise for Haiti

I kept things relatively quiet on the blog for the past week in order to keep attention on the Haiti relief effort. I want to send out a huge thanks to all those who ordered posters over the past week to help raise money to be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. In total, $1,187.02 has been raised, which surpassed all of my expectations.

I really appreciate all of those who brought attention to this effort, notably Applied Arts magazine for bringing people together for such a good cause. Thanks so much, everyone.






5 responses to “Donated to Haiti relief”

  1. Benjamin Alijagić Avatar

    James you have done a great thing and you can be proud of yourseft. I’ve seen so many people who just don’t even care about what happened there, they don’t even think about donating 1$.

    There is a lot of other people that should follow you with such actions.

    Well done.

  2. Linus Ekenstam Avatar

    Thank you James for doing this, #hopeforhaitinow & your money and everyones money, makes this movement work.

    Together we are strong, alone we are nothing.

    Sweden sends it’s love

  3. Caleb Davis Avatar
    Caleb Davis

    oh dude! heck ya! that is freakin really awesome. praise the lord.

  4. samantha oulavong Avatar

    congratulations James. Every penny and any dollar amount counts.

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