District 9 tech concepts by Weta

Here are some great concept designs by Weta for the film District 9, the same creative company who worked on movies like Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Narnia, Avatar, the list goes on. I love watching all the behind-the-scenes footage on my Lord of the Rings DVDs to get a glimpse of their amazing studio and the people who work there.

Even though I don’t research this kind of work all the time, I’ve always had a fascination with the world of concept design, especially the tech stuff like architecture, weapons, vehicles and so on. The art of creating something completely original yet still maintain some sense of usability and practicality is simply amazing. I have no idea how these guys can create such intricate designs on a blank canvas using nothing but Photoshop and a tablet. Just look at the detail in those gun designs.

Want more? Check out the Weta Workshop website.






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  1. Ian Houghton Avatar

    That’s beautiful stuff. The whole aesthetic of District 9 really struck a chord with me, I think it’s the post-apocalyptic vibe of the camps combined with the futuristic but still chunky and realistic alien technology. Possibly revealing too much about my geeky background here, but I reckon there’s a lot of influence taken from the Tau in Warhammer 40K.

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