Discard – Reuse

Discard Reuse James White

I enjoy going back through some of my client art folders in search of discarded vectors such as logos, symbols, icons and shapes. I usually do a lot of shape and color studies while developing a concept, so I generate quite a lot of unused vectors.

These discarded bits come in very handy, this new piece being a prime example. This was made using color/shape studies for a logo concept I was developing a few months ago. The design ended up going in a completely different direction which left me with a bunch of colorful little vectors. I’m a big believer in reusing the almost forgotten.






3 responses to “Discard – Reuse”

  1. mike Avatar

    this is by far one of my favorites from your work; I love the contrast of simplicity and complexity.

  2. Luli Avatar

    This one is awesome!! I love it!
    The colours are just great.

  3. o Avatar

    simply awesome.

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