Designer ‘Lost’ posters

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  1. By the way…

    LOST is one of those shows I wanted to hate, and still try to hate.

    But I’ve seen every episode and I’m addicted. You’re right, season 6 is going to be nuts. I have too many questions / emotions invested in this show to not watch it now, haha.

    James, you should try your hand at making some sick Lost posters. Maybe a crazy rainbow black smoke monster?

  2. Olly Moss is one of my favorite designers, all of his stuff is so simple, so clever, and just so awesome. Wish I had half his talent, kid’s 22 or something.

  3. hi! just wanted to let you know that these posters are amazing! from first glance they seem fairly simple, yet you look closer and if you watch LOST you get all the other meanings. its kind of like a flashback to all the things that make the show so unigue and interesting. so great job!

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