Design Talk 3: Self Promotion

A little while ago I (virtually) sat down with Shelby White (Twitter) and Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk (Twitter) to talk about the ins and outs of designer self promotion on Design Talk 3. We covered all kinds of interesting topics dealing with the “to dos” and the “do nots”, plus some extra riffing. Real interesting these two guys, had a lot of fun hanging out and jawing.

If you didn’t view it live, check out the recorded version above. Big thanks to Shelby for having me on a second time. Honored!






5 responses to “Design Talk 3: Self Promotion”

  1. Troy Lehman Avatar
    Troy Lehman

    Great self-promotion insight for designers. Wish more design conferences would cover topics like this!

  2. Cam Avatar

    Hey James,

    This was a very informative talk and overall great design discussion. I always like hearing your thoughts on anything design related, and you always give good advice and comments…

    As I was watching the video, I was wondering what kind of t-shirt that is you are wearing?? Really like the colors…

  3. Alberto Lora Avatar

    This was awesome. I’m always learning something new when I come to your site. Thanks!

  4. Franz Jeitz Avatar

    Wicked chat! So glad you made this available for those who couldn’t tune in to the live show.

  5. SP3KTR Avatar

    Hey James, I appreciate you bringing up the ethics of comment posting, One of my least favorite things about behance/dribbble ect is the constant posting of monosyllabic declarations such as cool,rad, and awesome. How are we to grow as artists/designers when feedback we receive is the equivalent of asking mom what she links of your crayon drawing.

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