Design shots from Barcelona

No Parking. I saw this sign everywhere, love the colors.
Saw this on a napkin at a small bar. Look at that Dachshund. Proud.
Fantastic sign made of wooden triangles and blocks for a Japanese restaurant.
Not sure what this sign was for, a bank maybe, but I love that bear. So good.
Spotted this intricate thing on a Gaudi building at Park Güell. Pretty metal.
Drawing in the museum at Sagrada Família by Josep Maria Subirach. Beautiful, love his linework.
The Correos logo is awesome. I think they're a post office or courier.
Badass sugar packet courtesy of Lufthansa Airlines. Great type.
We flew Condor over the Atlantic. Love their logo.

When I’m in a different part of the world I tend to keep my eyes open for cool design-related stuff. Signs, logos, packages or whatever. Each city I visit tends to have vastly different aesthetics then what I’m accustomed to in Canada, and Barcelona didn’t disappoint.

Here are a few quick snaps I took with my iPhone and camera as we walked around the city after I finished my duties at OFFF. Some great examples of design and typography, I even liked their “No Parking” signs.

I’m busy gathering photos and writing my OFFF Barcelona recap post. Had a great time, stay tuned for that one soon.






11 responses to “Design shots from Barcelona”

  1. Guillermo Avatar

    Hey James, the architect of La Sagrada Familia is Gaudi, major influence in the city. Caja Madrid is indeed a bank

  2. Shelby Avatar

    That Lufthansa sugar packet is absolutely beautiful.

  3. ward Kennes Avatar

    That’s looking awesome !

  4. james Avatar

    Guillermo, it wasn’t Gaudi who did that drawing though. I believe it was the sculptor that handled all the characters and statues. Can’t remember his name.

  5. GaryG Avatar

    You’re after Josep Subirachs:

    I was amazed how recent his additions were (late 80s) Previously assumed they dated back to earlier last century.

    Are the cranes down yet? When I visited a couple of years ago, the SF was still dominated by tall, yellow cranes. Amazing place all the same.

  6. Jug Avatar

    the drawing is by Catalan sculptor Josep Maria Subirach, i found it on this website:

  7. DAN-O-SAUR Avatar

    Good one buddy! I´m excited to see the OFFF blog post!


  8. Brennan Avatar

    That sugar packet is awesome! It’s a shame more companies don’t invest in good design – for a minimal investment they can improve the customer experience and leave a lasting impression on design geeks such as myself.

  9. ricardo machado Avatar

    barcelona it’s one of the greatest european cities to find great communication design. everywhere you look there’s a sign, a shop or even a medieval stained glass that had design dedication from someone.
    By the way, “caja” it is a bank, and “correos” the official post offices. Actually pretty much the same for the “Portuguese brothers”.

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