Design shots from Barcelona

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  1. Guillermo, it wasn’t Gaudi who did that drawing though. I believe it was the sculptor that handled all the characters and statues. Can’t remember his name.

  2. You’re after Josep Subirachs:

    I was amazed how recent his additions were (late 80s) Previously assumed they dated back to earlier last century.

    Are the cranes down yet? When I visited a couple of years ago, the SF was still dominated by tall, yellow cranes. Amazing place all the same.

  3. That sugar packet is awesome! It’s a shame more companies don’t invest in good design – for a minimal investment they can improve the customer experience and leave a lasting impression on design geeks such as myself.

  4. barcelona it’s one of the greatest european cities to find great communication design. everywhere you look there’s a sign, a shop or even a medieval stained glass that had design dedication from someone.
    By the way, “caja” it is a bank, and “correos” the official post offices. Actually pretty much the same for the “Portuguese brothers”.

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