Design Renegade: West Coast Tour

The Signalnoise HQ is now on high alert as I prepare to catch my flight to the North American west coast this Wednesday. Only 2 speaking engagements but I’m calling it a tour nonetheless. Lots to do. Lots to prep. Lots to pack. Been looking forward to this trip for months and it’s almost here. This is what will be going on:

Portland, Oregon
I’ll be speaking at the beautiful Union Pine on Thursday, November 15th presented by Spaceman Design and AIGA Portland. I’ll be bringing my Design Renegade presentation to town, tell my story, answer some questions, hang out, and make available some Gum Cards right off the press. Things kick off at 6pm so be sure to grab your tickets asap. Looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone!

Vancouver, British Columbia
I’ll be skipping back across the border to speak at the mighty FITC Vancouver. It’s a 2-day event and I’ll be the final speaker, taking the stage on Sunday, November 18 at 4:35pm. I’ll be armed to the teeth with buttons, stickers and Gum Cards. Outside of the FITC events we’ll be planning a Signalnoise hang-out at a local haunt (I’m thinking Steamworks) so be sure to watch the Twitter for the time and place. Looking forward to meeting you all!

So there you have it. This week will be a busy one, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. See you soon everyone.






3 responses to “Design Renegade: West Coast Tour”

  1. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Woohoo! Wish I could make the cross-country trip this time. Cant wait to hear from you and Dave Hardy about the Portland event. Have fun, dudes!

  2. Dave Hardy Avatar

    For a second, I thought I saw my logo on there.

    Looking forward to it, James!

  3. Pathshaper Avatar

    Shades of Mignola, dig it.

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