Design Renegade in Portland OR

In a few short weeks I’ll be making my way to Portland, Oregon for a big speaking event in conjunction with Spaceman Design (Twitter) and AIGA Portland. Starting to get real excited for this one.

And check out this poster. Dave Hardy over at Spaceman Design took it upon himself to design a gig poster for the big night. Not only that, he wanted to do it in the style of my Gum Cards. A tall task, those lines and curves can by tricky but he knocked it out of the park. Dave scooped the Diamond pledge during the Gum Cards fundraising initiative in order to bring me to town. Then he designs this poster, complete with my Drive jacket. Amazing. Humbled.

A big thanks to Spaceman Design and AIGA Portland for making this happen. If you want to attend, you can register right here. We’re going to have a blast. We’ll see you November 15th, Portland!






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