Design Renegade at HPX Digital, Halifax

You and me, Halifax. On October 19th at high noon I’ll be speaking at the HPX Digital conference right here in my home town. This is only the second time I’ve taken the stage around these parts to tell my  story and show my work, and the first time I’ll be presenting my DESIGN RENEGADE talk. Really looking forward to it. HPX Digital is presented by my friends at FITC and they’re bringing in some heavy hitting presenters to share their ideas, work and general inspiration.

We rarely see events like this in our town especially in the design realm, so if you live around here I NEED YOUR HELP. Creative agencies in Halifax sometimes overlook events such as this and it would be a shame to miss out on this one. So if you work at an agency, tell your co-workers, colleagues and employers about this. Get those tickets. I’m talking to you Extreme, Revolve, Impact, Raised, Internet Solutions, Famous Folks, Chester and Co., Liberated and everyone in between. Aggressive marketing! Get to this thing, you guys.

HPX Digital is October 17-19 at the Atlantica Hotel, a short walk for most agencies downtown. Check the speakers. Get your tickets. Let’s do this.






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    That poster is amazing!

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