Design Renegade at Montreal Meets

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  1. Can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to heckling you from the front row, anyone know where I can grab some extra-ripe tomatoes in Montreal?

  2. I’m getting pumped for this event! Looking forward to meeting you in person, and hearing from some truly great designers… and thrilled to see those TRON posters in your stash.

  3. Those cards are freakin sweet. Looking forward to lots of nostalgic old school style. 16-bit video games are a huge part of my childhood as well. Rock it James!

  4. thanks for the presentation, i wanted to ask you how much you had looked at rick flair for the look, but never got the opportunity in the end. but googled it at the office, damn man, if rick flair is your inspiration, that’s pretty rad, and 90’s awesome.

  5. Were those Winnipeg Jets stickers at MMTWO? I didn’t se ’em! I would have snagged one for my hockey-loving beloved!

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