Design by Tom Muller

Back in 2002 or so I really got into the work of comic artist Ashley Wood. Sure, I liked Wood’s painting style at the time, the way he illustrated cool robots and good lookin’ ladies. But it didn’t stop there. In all of Ashley’s works he had his art coupled with a typographic and logo style that made his work incredibly unique, set him apart. I browsed his website all the time and finally came across the name of the person responsible for all that cool design. This guy named Tom Muller.

Over the years I’ve frequented Tom’s website, Hellomuller, to see what he’s been up to. He never ceases to amaze with precision type and identities, excellent book cover design and all the other stuff he’s done. There’s a certain level of professionalism in all he does, but his work is very much all over the map. Seems like he can do anything, including Nagasaki, a custom typeface.

After being a fan of Tom’s for almost a decade, I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was in London a couple of weeks back. Awesome guy. Heard some stories about the old days, discussed work and type, and discovered he uses a trackpad for all his work. Yeah … I know. After several drinks we managed to get a photo taken outside the pub, seen here are  (l to r) Ollie Judge, Franz Jeitz, myself, Tom Muller, and PJ Tierney in the front.

Don’t take my word for it, get yourself over to Hellomuller and check out the full extent of Tom’s work, and say hello on Twitter.

PS. Sorry Tom, I had to cut off your awesome Coenfographic. That thing would have crippled my blog!






10 responses to “Design by Tom Muller”

  1. PJ Avatar

    I think all our jaws hit the floor when he mentioned the trrackpad!

    (and no, I’m not *that* short, I didn’t want my head to get in the way :p)

  2. james Avatar

    PJ is actually standing on a phonebook in that picture.

  3. Greg Avatar

    D’oh! The one night I left early

  4. Tom Muller Avatar

    But you cut off the best bit!!!

    I’m kidding of course. Thanks dude!

  5. Tom Muller Avatar

    I just ordered a magic mouse actually, that way I can swipe AND scroll.

  6. PJ Avatar

    Indeed, us Leprechauns need some support to mingle with you regular folk.

    Nice touch with the logos by the way.

  7. breq Avatar

    Designpolice is watching you guys in that picture, trying to catch some :p

  8. The Heart Burn Avatar

    Great blog post James!… Muller = awesome.

  9. Franz Jeitz Avatar

    Love that photo. Such a great time hanging out with all of you.
    @Tom: You’re not gonna regret getting a magic mouse. Only thing is, make sure you stock up on batteries…

  10. Tom Muller Avatar

    @Franz: I use on at my current contract job and love it, and yes — I got the Apple rechargeable battery pack as well :)

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