Design by Bob Noorda

• Pirelli ads “Friend for your bicycle”, 1955 and “Millions of cyclists choose Pirelli”, 1957.
• Pirelli ad and poster for Rolle tires, 1959.
• Packaging for Pirelli products, 1957 and 1958.
• Pirelli ads “Walking soles”, 1959 and “Clothing and raincoats”, 1959.
• Ads for ACNA Montecatini, 1961 and 1962.
• Lanco Watches ad, 1956 (with Studio Boggeri) and cover for Pagina Magazine N.2, 1963.
• Eni logo 1972, COOP logo 1994 and pictograms for Touring Club Italiano 1978.
• New York City Subway Manual pages and examples of the sign system, c.1970.
• São Paulo Metro mark, above-ground sign, cross section of a station and wall decorations, 1964.
• Poster for Biennale di Venezia, 1966 and packaging for Pirelli, 1968.

Some wonderful design work by Bob Noorda (1927 – 2010). I came across this feature and this one on the Display website a few days ago, excellent reads and selection of Noorda’s work. Great typography at work, limited color palette and beautiful linework. Just look at those icons for Touring Club Italiano. Can’t get enough.

Mr. Noorda’s best-known work in the United States was for the New York City Transit Authority, which in 1966 commissioned his firm, Unimark International, to modernize and unify the look of the subway system’s signs. The firm had been recommended by Mildred Constantine, an influential design curator at the Museum of Modern Art.

The images and captions above were taken from Display, and I urge you to have a look at the features above for more information on Noorda and his life in design.






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  1. Andreas Johansson Avatar

    Alot of really cool stuff. Btw it seems like a big brand in sweden called “Coop” kind of ripped off that coop logo from 1994. They changed their about 5 years ago or something

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