Delicate Machines: Demo Reel 2008

Delicate Machines Demo Reel 2008

Delicate Machines Demo Reel 2008

Delicate Machines Demo Reel 2008

My good friends Joel Lelièvre and Jonathan Mitchell are the guys behind the visual effects powerhouse Delicate Machines, located here in Halifax. They have a hefty portfolio which includes client work for Samsung, Coors, Johnnie Walker, MTV, Madonna, and so on. The caliber of their work speaks for itself.

They have just released the Delicate Machines Demo Reel 2008 which includes all of their current modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and compositing work.






4 responses to “Delicate Machines: Demo Reel 2008”

  1. Paul Johns Avatar

    Wow, what a great reel. I hope that after I get into/out of design school I can come close to that level of awesomeness.

  2. Keystroke13 Avatar

    That demo real was so dope, is the soundtrack original as well? I really dig it guys, great job!

  3. Joel Avatar

    Thanks for the comments! The soundtrack is a track called ‘The Perfect Lie’ – The Engine Room.

  4. datenkind Avatar

    Yay, an insane reel, really great compilation. Well chosen soundtrack!

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