December 21

1 year out.






22 responses to “December 21”

  1. Wade B. Avatar
    Wade B.

    HAH! This is great stuff as usual, James!

  2. davevsdave Avatar

    Love it. Beautiful execution.

  3. Paul Pants Avatar

    Niiiiiice. “I’m gonna get my kicks before the whole sh*thouse goes up in flames.”

  4. Patryk Cichocki Avatar

    ooh man, it’s amazing

  5. Jason Stanley Avatar

    So when are we all going to Mars?

  6. Nick Nørbo Andersen Avatar

    So damn awesome it fills me with rage!

  7. james Avatar

    My theory is if I drink enough coffee I can vibrate into the next dimension.

  8. Jen K Avatar

    Stunning! I can see this gracing my walls as a print already … hint hint :)

  9. ryandupre Avatar

    Flying space textures! I’m a fan. Alludes to all the filth and grit that actually floats around up there. Thumbsup.

  10. Deiby Chico Avatar

    Really love the feel. The furthest all black body/hole is ominous too. Like an unseen threat. Gonna be a fun year I think!

  11. Pietari Avatar

    So James, do you believe in this stuff? Stunning artwork.

  12. Daniel Avatar

    At first I thought you were promoting the up and coming Orion Mission, but then I clicked on it, and then the planets aligned and got it. How clever.

  13. james Avatar

    Pietari, there are all kinds of theories about 2012, which means nobody really knows what to expect. Including me. What scientists believe is that there will be an alignment of earth, the sun and the center of our galaxy on December 21, 2012. This is something the Mayans predicted, at least, based on modern deciphering of their calendar.

  14. Sam Jones Avatar

    Incredible work mate. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing this poster all over the place come this time next year.

  15. Tom Miatke Avatar

    As long as I can see the Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit, Im ok haha.. But great poster.. I love Mayan calendars, they are very intricate and quite beautiful really…

  16. John Avatar

    I just hope the planets don’t collide up. Awesome and wicked artwork.

  17. Pietari Avatar

    Thanks for your answer. It’s always interesting to hear what people think about this phenomenon. I think that there is something the Mayans predicted but an end of the world is not in our sight. Happy Holidays James!

  18. Stefano Mntzuma Avatar

    Muahah!Great illustration man!

  19. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Canas Avatar

    The art is amazing like always… but that date… hmm… going to get interesting…

  20. bereto Avatar

    hi… incredible but… the illustration at the botton its an aztec calendar not a mayan calendar… little mistake

  21. Lauren Avatar

    Really beautiful… so much to love about this.

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