The Dark Knight Rises poster

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  1. It’s nice to see no floating heads because it’s just a teaser. It seems these days all of the real creative work behind movie posters goes into the teaser. The final poster is much more rigid and formulaic, almost an afterthought.

  2. @Paul Pants – Well said mate! I couldn’t agree more!

    This poster is sensational! It’s definitely a leap in the right direction, other movie posters could learn a valuable lesson here!

    I can’t wait until this hits the big screen!

    P.S – James, have you gotten rid of the mobile version of your site?

  3. Cameron, yeah I got rid of the mobile version a little while back. I had some Malware issues which were really annoying and had to eliminate any “back doors” to my code. Unfortunately, I read reports that my mobile version might have been a target.

    Luckily, my site still looks okay on an iPhone and such. Hard decision to ditch it.

  4. WOW!

    This poster is absolutely amazing! As mentioned earlier, I also had to look twice to see the dark knight symbol!

    Truly amazing!

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