Dark Inspiration #2: Kris Verwimp

Kris Verwimp

Kris Verwimp

Kris Verwimp

Kris Verwimp

Kris Verwimp

Kris Verwimp

Halloween draws closer and here is the second installment of the Dark Inspiration series, this time coming from Belgian artist Kris Verwimp. Back in the 1990s, Kris cut his teeth painting powerful covers for the black metal scene in Europe, developing heavy atmospheric scenes which perfectly captured the essence of the genre. I had seen Kris’ work before as I explored black metal, but it wasn’t until the most recent issue of Juxtapoz (issue 105) that he was brought to my full attention. Here is the very suitable introduction to the interview:

“What is this work? The cover in its tight, crude brilliance envelopes me in a horrific cloak, that sort of dark landscape that provokes the heart to pump faster. Damn, it’s another masterpiece by Belgian artist Kris Verwimp, who seems to continually compose the ideal scenarios for this genre of powerful music.”

You can see more of Kris’ amazing work on his Myspace.






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  1. regan Avatar

    Amazing!!! I’m looking at these while I’m totally hungover and I can totally relate.

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